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06/25/12 03:31 PM #58    


Julian Acevedo

I am in.  As stated before, San Antonio is nice and hot in July, but beautiful anyway.  That is an option.  I am open to anything.  I think we talked about the 4th of July weekend since the fourth is on a Thursday in 2013.  Just let me know.

06/25/12 11:25 PM #59    


Doug Hays

The idea of San Antonio is agood thought.  If out of state New Mexico (albequque or santa fe) or Colorado (denver or colorado springs) might be of some thought, but Lubbock again is good and make 50 a big blow out.  Many options.  Me I am open to about most any.  I think we by in large all enjoyed our 40th.  Looking forward to it.

06/26/12 09:33 AM #60    


Rochelle Johnston (Oldham)

Ken and I would love to see everyone again in 2013. We are open for any destination. San Antonio would be super. We are only 2 hours from there. Or...all over Texas you have ranch settings that cater to reunions. Then there's always Ruidosa, NM and the Horse races. So...

06/26/12 09:48 AM #61    


Rochelle Johnston (Oldham)

We are having another grandson! Our son, Kable,  married, Andie,  last August and they are expecting in October. Kable will turn 40 in September and have his first child in October!!! He also has a step daughter Alayna that is 9 years old. We are blessed. 

06/26/12 10:12 PM #62    


Julian Acevedo

Happy Birthday Rochelle.

06/27/12 06:19 PM #63    

Vickie Powell (Bennett)

We just returned from a cruise - took our grand daughter for her graduation, the week after Thanksgiving is pretty reasonable priced of course it is during the busy holiday period.  There is always Las Vegas for a crazy destination!

A destination could take away from the "reunion"  gathering unless we were somewhat contained on a ship or Inn of the Mountain Gods, etc.

Let's pick the date, then the place.

07/11/12 10:53 AM #64    

Paula Jo Birdwell (Bradford)

I think the 4th of July weekend looks like a good time for a reunion in 2013.  Any place is fine with me.  Since some will be flying in, maybe the Inn of the Mountain Gods might be harder to access.  How about one of those all-inclusive resorts somewhere?

07/14/12 10:58 AM #65    

Sue Lust (Summers)

Charlie and I would love to see everyone in 2013.   Somewhere easy to fly in to would be great.  A cruise in November would be hard for us. 

12/26/12 05:04 PM #66    


Danny Land

To you and yours, Have a Merry and a Happy everybody.

03/30/13 01:34 PM #67    


Julian Acevedo

Give me a shout next time you are in the Alamo city.  Be nice to see you.  210-387-6104

04/04/15 06:59 AM #68    


Doug Hays

Anita Cameron sent me this link.  It is 2 brothers singing our class song "The Impossible Dream".

You have to hear it.

Doug Hays


04/24/15 05:30 PM #69    

Kita Struve (Hargrove)

Greetings Classmates!

Cliff & I send condolences to Evelyn Taylor Dodson and family. Evelyn posted on FaceBook that Jerry's graveside service was today, 4/24/2015. 



04/25/15 10:25 AM #70    

Mary Kirby (Mays)

So sorry to hear about Jerry. Our prayers will be with Evelyn and her family. 


04/26/15 09:37 PM #71    


Rochelle Johnston (Oldham)

Dearest Evelyn and family. Ken an I send our deepest sympathy on your loss( the world's loss) of Jerry. Ke and Richelle Oldham

04/26/15 09:39 PM #72    


Rochelle Johnston (Oldham)

Sorry about typos. Should wear my glasses... This print is too small... 

04/27/15 07:56 AM #73    

Venida Branaman (Farr)

I had no idea about Jerry passing. So sorry to hear that. I will keep you in my prayers.

Venida Branaman (Farr)

04/27/15 01:50 PM #74    

Narvin [Butch] Waller

Realty sorry about Jerry .

04/27/15 02:46 PM #75    


Chuck Lay

Sorry for your loss, we will keep you in our prayers Chuck Lay

07/05/15 03:59 PM #76    

Mary Hays (McWhorter)

Evelyn, so sorry about Jerry. I just accidentally found this web sight after years. Mary Hays McWhorter

05/15/17 05:47 PM #77    


Chuck Lay

I thought we were going to meet somwhere. this would be a good summer to do that.

chuck lay




05/22/17 12:14 PM #78    


Chuck Lay

So sorry to here about Paula Jo she will be missed.

06/20/17 08:18 AM #79    


Chuck Lay

David Bunch passes away last week well be missed

07/09/18 12:45 PM #80    


Doug Hays

Home in Dimmitt after the 50th reunion in Fredericksburg. Had a wonderful time visiting with all. Ronnie did an excellent job entertaining us Saturday evening. A good crowd, but would have been even better if more could have made it.

07/09/18 05:10 PM #81    


Doug Hays

Did anyone get a picture of our cheerleaders in action? I would appreciate a copy.

07/10/18 07:01 PM #82    


Rochelle Johnston (Oldham)

Hi Doug! Ok. Sorry I missed the reunion but if you are asking for cheerleader more reason I couldn’t make it.. lol

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